Dealing with coronastress

For whom?

This program is intended for anyone who wants to deal with difficult thoughts and feelings that they might struggle with due to the presence of the coronavirus.


Many people are experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety and insecurity due to the threat of the coronavirus. People are wondering how long this will take. They are concerned about their health, or that of a neighbor. Some people are also worried about the future, for example how they will be able to continue with their job, whether a holiday can go ahead or about how this will affect the economy. The current situation is new territory for everyone, which means that many people are searching for how best to respond to the new situation.

In this program you will get concrete tools to help you deal with the difficult thoughts and feelings that you may struggle with due to the presence of the coronavirus. The tools can also help you to prevent complaints that you do not yet experience. They can help you to relax and pay more attention to the things that are important to you.

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Dealing with coronastress